The morning we visited Chris for the first time our daughter was in alot of pain, she had 3 swollen joints. After one session with Chris. She was free of pain and a completely different child, more vibrant and happy. The next day the swellings had gone down significantly! She still gets occasional swellings but she doesn’t seem to be in as much pain with them. Its brilliant! As Chris said it will take sometime to fix the problem. We are happy to recommend Chris. He has helped our daughter and given us hope that our daughter will eventually be cured.

Mrs J.P

I can’t explain what a difference this has made to my life finally to be pain & nausea free. I am very grateful to Chris and now I can live my life normally.


I brought her to see you with a shoulder injury, not realising that you would be able to help with some other issues she has had for a long time. She is now going to bed and sleeping soundly, no sleep walking, no nightmares, sleep talking or night sweats so she obviously feels much more rested after a nights sleep and is much calmer and able to concentrate better at school. She also rarely complains of headaches which she used to get a lot. A says she feels much better herself and in was very impressed with your treatment, and will be contacting you shortly to arrange an appointment for my son who has special needs.

Mrs K.L

I would encourage anyone who has any form of symptoms that they cannot understand or even cope with anymore to visit him and have an open mind and just let his work speak for itself. It is so rare and a breath of fresh air to work with someone that never judges you or your symptoms, but just has your best interests at heart.

Miss R.B

I took J along to see Chris at the clinic and was amazed by what he found wrong with him. After four sessions with him, J was a different boy. He is a lot calmer and able to cope a lot better with his feelings. His reading and literacy is getting better all the time and he is a lot happier at school. Relatives and friends cant believe the difference in him.

Mrs T.O

I have been more than blown away by the results! Chris informed me that it all originates from a nerve a the base of the skull being under pressure, which all makes sense as she had a torticolis as a baby and caused a curve in her spine too.Well i am more than over the moon to say that in 3 weeks following our appointment, she has required not one single laxative, and the curve in her spine has practically straightened!So thank you so much to you, i will be recommending many people along the way.

Mrs J.D

After just 3 visits to Chris, my son’s abdominal pains have all but gone, his energy levels have increased, he now has an appetite and he’s back doing his beloved sport.


I am writing to say a very big thank you for all your help. I came to you with a bad back which i have had for many years and no one seemed to know what was wrong and i was just given pain killers which never helped. By coming to you I now feel like a new man. I can lay blocks without worrying about my back. I have had no pain or stiffness and i do the exercises you told me to do twice a day.

Mr K.L

A happy child makes a happy Mum. I have no doubt in my mind that this is due to Chris and his therapeutic techniques for which we are truly grateful.


After the first session, we saw a difference with J, and after four treatments the difference has been remarkable, with Js reading having gone up 15 levels from a 10 to 25 – as Js mother, i never thought this would be possible. His concentration is much better, along with his behaviour and we have far fewer tantrums and meltdowns now. His writing is now legible, and he can control the size of his letters, making it easier for him.

Mrs J.T