Chris’s teaching skills and explanation are very effective, clear and thorough. He is extremely supportive and is always willing to go over any materials or questions we may have. These are the best therapy workshops that I have attended, I would recommend them to anyone. I would like to say a massive thank you to Chris for sharing such amazing work with us and spreading the joy!


These are some of the best therapy workshops that I have attended. Chris gives clear demos and then guides each student through their practice sessions. The explanations are well thought out and easy to follow, as are the course manuals. Chris’s enthusiasm for New Vision’s work shines through. He is incredibly supportive. I would recommend these workshops to anyone who wishes to enhance their wellbeing, and help others to empower themselves.


My business and clients have benefitted massively since I’ve done Chris’s workshops! I believe wholeheartedly it was the missing link to my success! Can’t recommend them highly enough!